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Conside is an English podcast show about the booming/dooming tech scene of China hosted by Ray Kwan
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Conside - A Podcast about China's Tech Scene


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Mar 20, 2017
This episode is going a little retrospective. I take a look back on uber’s journey to China in the view of a normal user. How Uber became one of the most successful foreign startups in China? How it fought with the local giant opponents and why it just left China afterwards? What is circumstance of China’s ride-sharing market after Uber’s withdrawal? You will find the answers in the feature story. Besides, I also talk about an unexpected new player in China’s ride-sharing market, and Victoria’s Secret’s first ever flagship store in China. 
What to hear in this episode:
  • News of the week (fortnight):
    • China’s biggest group buying player Meituan (美团) pilots its ride-sharing service in Nanjing
    • Victoria’s Secret finally opens its first flagship store in Shanghai
  • Feature Story: The Aftermath of Uber’s Withdrawal
    • The entrance of Uber and Uber China
    • How the original People’s Uber hooked people of China
    • The epic war between Uber China and Didi Kuaidi (滴滴快的)
    • Uber China’s lost under an unfair competition environment and unfavorable regulation
    • The aftermath of Uber’s withdrawal
    • Read more: Uber’s Battle for China by Financial Times
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