Conside - A Podcast about China's Tech Scene

Conside is an English podcast show about the booming/dooming tech scene of China hosted by Ray Kwan
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Conside - A Podcast about China's Tech Scene


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Jan 24, 2017

Welcome to the first episode of Conside, an English podcast focuses on the booming tech scene of China. In this show, you will hear the true insider view of China's startups, innovations, tech trends and the stories behind them.

In this episode, I mainly talk about the annual Singles' Day (or 'Double 11') big sale of China. From how it came into being, to where it will go in the future, this episode covers a detailed introduction of the world's biggest online shopping sale. You can also grasp a basic understanding of the e-commerce development and landscape of China from it. In the news part, I discuss the overseas expansion of China's bike-sharing companies, a helpless Airbnb host in China, and the launch of Wechat's Mini Program feature. 

What to listen in this episode:

  • News of the week
    • Mobike and Ofo Bike both announce their overseas expansion plan coincidently
    • An Airbnb house in China was severely sabotaged by a shooting crew
    • Wechat finally launches its Mini Program feature
  • Feature story: The 'Double 11' Shopping Festival of China
    • The origin of 'Singles' Day'
    • The early Singles' Day sales of Taobao
    • How Singles' Day was eaten by 'Double 11'
    • 'Double 12': a copy cat
    • The currently status and future development of Double 11
    • The significance and influence of Double 11

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